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Paw Balm

Paw Balm

Hot streets, gravel, salt, mud...your pet’s paws are exposed to all sorts of elements.

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Spritzer's - Cucumber Melon

Spritzer's - Cucumber Melon

This irresistible blend of essential oils will leave your pet smelling fresh and
clean with...


Spritzer's - Mint Eucalyptus

Spritzer's - Mint Eucalyptus

Banish the thought that cool menthol is only for humans. Spray your dog with the Sooth n Shine

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Sooth-N-Shine products are super. I have used the green apple shampoo on my Pomeranian Fluffy and it makes her skin feel fresh and clean. The aroma is very soothing. I can’t wait to try the Paw Balm and Body Butter. Good luck and all the very best!!

Miss Kaveri Bhatt - Banglore

Sooth-N-Shine products are very good for groomers like me. I personally use their range at my pet salon. I recommend Sooth-N-Shine to all my customers as the products not only have very nice fragrances but are also mild enough for the animals. Please start packaging in 2l bottles.

Miss Ankita Sahu - Mumbai

Thank you so much for the amazing product range! Your soothing lotion spray has worked wonders for my pet Chiku! He loves bathing with Chocolate Shampoo and we both love all your products. Special ‘bow wow’ from Chiku.

Miss Kamala Iyer

I have three strays at home. After trying Sooth-N-Shine range of grooming products my pets don’t look like strays; they shine like stars. Thank you for making my pets feel so special!

Miss Trupti Tirumala

My dog Xylo just loves the Tea Tree Citrus fragrance! I am really excited to have found the Paw Balm for the first time in India. I will write in after I try it.

Mr.Suraj Tiwari, (Mulund)